Nature Materials publishes our work on Energy Landscapes

The work of Faifan and me at Northwestern University got published in Nature Materials! In this work, we have studied the energy landscapes of peptide amphiphile assemblies and how to navigate through such landscapes. Such knowledge is important because we found that the position in the landscape determines the material properties, including toxicity and ability to promote cell growth. In other words, one molecule in the exact same environment can either be toxic or not depending on its position in its energy landscape.

More here:
Tantakitti, T; Boekhoven, J; Wang, X; Kazantsev, R; Yu, T; Li, J; Zhuang, E; Zandi, F; Ortony, J; Newcomb, C; Palmer, L; Gajendra; S, de la Cruz, M; Schatz, G; Stupp, S;
“Energy landscapes of supramolecular systems determine their function”