Science publishes our active materials paper

The research that Wouter Hendriksen and I worked on at TU Delft got published in Science! In this work, we push supramolecular materials out of equilibrium by means of a chemical fuel. It turned out that the active materials we form that way are transient and have a tunable lifetime. Moreover, the materials are self-regenerating as long as sufficient fuel is present. And to our surprise, we found beautiful dynamic fibres that are both growing and collapsing at the same time. See move below:

Boekhoven, J;* Hendriksen,* Koper, B; W; Eelkema, R; van Esch, J;
Transient assembly of active materials fueled by a chemical reaction
2015, Science
With perspective by van der Zwaag and Meijer:
Fueling connections between chemistry and biology”